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Kittens for Sale

If you wish to be added to our waiting list for upcoming litters please read information at "Kittens/Cats Adoption"

Pet Quality Kittens Price is $1350 please see more details on "Kittens/Cats adoption"


I am currently considering inquiries to place two adult/retired show/breeder female cats. They are few years old and idly I would like to place them as a pair with no other pets in the household. I am facilitating this placement for one of my breeding colleagues and would consider only serious inquiries preferably coming from the North East region of USA or central California. The main reason is that
I do not ship animals via cargo and only human escorted transportation could be considered.

Please email me at

We periodically have adult retired breeding or show males/females that would like to place in great homes, please contact if you are looking for an young adult male or female Singapura, who are just equally sweet as kittens.

Please note all our adult retired cats have adoption fees as all cats we place are in excellent health and screened for all genetics health issues (that are currently available) and also for all other basic health problems like: FIV/FeLV, Corona Virus, parasites, fleas, ringworms, etc...
also that are either spayed or neutered if someone thinks the adoption fees are to high please don't contact us as the testing alone, keeping cats healthy and in great conditions cost way more of what we ask for ...

We love when people tell us about their household environment and what they typically look for when getting a new furry friend!

Please contact via if interested in adult cats


***Please be advised that all pictures are taken at home without using any camera flashes

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