Our journey with the Singapura breed began in 2011, when my husband and I decided that we would like to add a pure breed cat to our fairly new family back then. We both grew up with different breeds at home and various rescued cats through the life but when it came to the time to make a decision to choose just the one "perfect" breed that can satisfy our varies demands and high expectations (coming from an experienced cat owners) it was just one VERY though decision!!!

After months of deliberations and research we mutually agreed on the surprisingly the same breed: the SMALLEST cat breed -THE SINGAPURA!!!

Once we welcomed home our first Singapura cat "Jasmine", we knew deep in our hearts that the breed was just very special. Our first Singapura was just the beginning of the very entrancing journey to our future breeding and devotion to those entrancing cats. Watch video of our Jasmine's kittens episode on Animal Planet "Too Cute".


Our Cattery is small and we specialize in breeding Singapura cats. All our kittens are raised at our homes as part of our family. These beautiful cats are extremely loved, cared for, and socialized so they can adapt easily to their new homes. We also have couple partners that we work with very closely by mentoring their breeding.



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The breed is very rare and has lots of other limitations like very small genetic pool and also genetic health issues that are carried in some of the bloodlines. Most of all funding a honest breeders to work with was even far more challenging than anything else.
Despite all challenges our hearts were set for those little cats and we are able to continue breeding healthy lines throughout our contribution of doing lots of  medical research and very selective breeding program.

About Our Cattery


Our goal is to preserve the pure breed at its best. Our serious dedication, experience and commitment allows us to produce kittens with the highest quality of  health, temperament, personality and beauty!!!
Singapuras are very lovable and affectionate with everlasting playful personalities unlike any other cats. They are the smallest breed of cats in the cat fancy and are a great choice for anyone who wants a small, non-destructive, lovable, playful, inside cat that gets along with everyone.

Our cats photos were used in various publications about the breed including the illustrated coffee table book series of different publication including:  "The Elegance of the Cat", "The Beauty of the Cat" and "The Grace of the Cat" by Tamsin Pickeral (Author), Astrid Harrisson (Photographer).

Our SINGAPURAS are registered and shown in varies Cat Fancier Associations: CFA, TICA, CFF and ACFA.  

Singville Cattery of Singapuras