The "Singapura" cat breed name comes from a Malaysian word for Singapore, the country from where the breed founders (Hal & Tommy Meadow) brought their first ticked cats to USA in the early 1970s. After the introduction of the beautiful cats in the USA arena, they had few other followers who imported the cats from Singapore as well. Ironically, the Singapore government that had eliminated cat habitats in their cruel "streets clean up" program, has declared the Singapura cat to be a "living national monument". Singapura cat statues are now found around the river and Singapuras are a large part of Singapore's promotions, however their street's cats don't resemble exactly of what the image of Singapura cat is now.

The breed was accepted in TICA (The International Cat Association) for championship competition in 1979 and CFA (Cat Fancier's Association), first in 1981 allowing the cat registration and then Championship status in 1988.

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Affection is a second name for those cats, as they love to be with people whether it is: curled in a lap, riding a shoulder or snuggled up in the bed at night. The Singapura cats are very gentle and non-destructive, they happen to always right fit into their environment with not causing any messes and distractions.  The Singapura brings the magical presence in the lives of the owners that are not like any other experiences you will ever have !!!

Singapura Cat Breed Standards: 
The below information is excerpted from the CFA breed standard description.
The appearance of an alert healthy small to medium sized muscular bodied cat with noticeably large eyes and ears in proportion to their head. Cat to have the illusion of refined delicate coloring.
Skull rounded front to back and side to side with rounded width at the outer eye narrowing to a definite whisker break and a medium-short, broad muzzle with a blunt nose. In profile, a rounded skull with a slight curve well below eye level. Straight line nose to chin. Chin well developed.
Large, slightly pointed, wide open at the base and possessing a deep cup. Medium set. Outer lines of the ear to extend upward at an angle slightly wide of parallel. Small ears a serious fault.
Large, almond shaped, held wide open but showing slant. Neither protruding nor recessed. Eyes set not less than an eye width apart. Color hazel, green or yellow with no other color per- mitted. Brilliance preferred. Small eyes a serious fault.
Small to medium overall size cat. Moderately stocky and muscular body, legs and floor to form a square. Mid-section not tucked but firm.
Legs & Paws
Legs heavy and muscled at the body tapering to small short oval feet.
Length to be short of the shoulder when laid along the torso. Tending towards slender but not whippy. Blunt tip.
Fine, very short, silky texture, lying very close to the body. Springy coat a fault.
Color & Markings
SEPIA AGOUTI only, color to be dark brown ticking on a warm old ivory ground color. Each hair to have at least two bands of dark ticking separated by light bands. Light next to the skin and a dark tip. Dark tail tip with color extending back toward the body on upper side. Spine line NOT a fault. Muzzle, chin, chest and underside to be the color of unbleached muslin. Cat to show some barring on inner front legs and back knee only. Allowance to be made for undeveloped ticking in kittens. Hair between toes to be dark brown.
Paw Pads
Rosy brown.


The BIG Personality:
I can talk for hours about their personalities and their enchanted presence. What I love the most in this breed is the Singapura curiosity followed by lots of affection and energy. The extroverted little cat is like "little child" who wants to learn from the parents about the world and help you with everything you do. The cats are extremely intelligent and interactive and thrive on the companionship with their people and other animals in the household. They love to be high on your shoulder or the top of the kitchen counter, tables so they can always be on the level for an eye to eye contact with you. Magically they communicate with you by staring deeply into your eyes.

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