Singville Cattery of Singapuras 

Cat Food

Please make sure that you read the label on any food you are buying for your furry friends. In general raw food diet is the best however below are other recommendations. Dry food should not be the only diet your cats are on. Cats need fresh and high quality proteins along with other nutritional supplements on a daily basis.

The canned/ wet food that we recommend to use:

  • Weruva
  • Purina Pro (chicken with cheese)
  • Rachel's Ray Nutrish
  • Fussie Cat
  • Applaws 
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness
  • Royal Canine (kitten food thin slices in gravy)
  • Fancy Feast -Medley and Mornings Medley collections: Tuscany, Primavera & Florentine

Chicken, Turkey and Wild Salmon collections are the most tasty and approved by our most picky eaters -tasting contests !!!

(also any types meats mixed with cooked pumpkin is great too improve digestion and restore cat's intestines natural flora, Weruva and Applaws has collection of meats mixed with pumpkin)

Also when using canned food watch for deleterious ingredients like carrageenan. That can cause stomatitis in long run.
We got a lot of question regarding this ingredient that many brands still refuse to remove from sometimes otherwise decent can foods 
PLEASE READ if you like to learn more about carrageenan and why is bad for your cat:

GREAT RAW FOOD - that is available to order online:

Recipes of how to make your own raw meat food-click link below:

Raw cat food can replace any of the below and above food recommendation and is the best diet to keep your cat happy, healthy and living also longer life.

Dry food can be fed as an addition to a good meat diet please make sure that good size water bowls are ALWAYS available, and often AWAY from the food area, large enough to accommodate feline whiskers, and in a color, so cats can differentiate water surface. 

* Minimum 34% protein (in dry food with 10% moisture) This means that currently only specific kitten foods are acceptable options for all cats

* For kidney compromised cats, *high* protein of high animal quality, but low calories, is needed -Orijen brand would be bad !

* Dry food should be fed round-the-clock for kittens.

* Cats need some carotene and plain cooked pumpkin is the best source known currently.

* A source of intestinal bacteria including bifidus is desirable- Bifidus is a "good guts" bacteria that does not require milk to grow well in the gut. It manufactures all kinds of good nutrients for the cat. This as it is very essential to cats. "Good guts" bacteria are called probiotics. Mixing a spoon of plain greek yogurt a day will provide enough source of good gut's bacterias.


- Diamond ACTIVE CAT has 40% protein and no toxins -available in some pet stores

- Kirkland Costco Cat/Kitten Maintenance has no feline toxins or fillers, cats like it however you would need to feed chicken or other meat in addition

- Purina Pro with probiotics kitten food (chicken and rice blend)

- Royal Canine -kitten food is high protein and contain all necessary vitamins for young cats, again it should be supplemented with wet food diet.

- Orijen - we had some questions regarding this dry food that is very high in proteins, however contains lots of different fruits and vegetables that are toxic for cats in long run if used especially in the raw form. We were able to contact the management of the company and they confirmed that the veggies and fruits are fermented first before adding to the formula. This food can be mixed with the other above dry foods formulas to increase the protein intake however this dry food should not be used as the only one source of food in cat’s diet. IT WAS DOCUMENTED THAT THIS FOOD CAUSES ACUTE AMYLOIDOSIS IF FED AS THE ONLY DIET.


  • Stella Chewy's Freeze Dried Meats and Fish mixes - also great choice if you are looking to convert your kitty from eating only dry food to wet food because you cat feed this food by gradually introducing more moisture
  • Life Essentials, Tylee's, Halo, Whole Life Pet or many other  brands of Freeze Dried meats designed for cats
  • Fresh is Best Freeze Dried Raw Whole Chicken Hearts
  • Raw meat food recipes can be found here:
  • Salmon, fresh, baked or canned preferably, low sodium if canned in spring water.
  • Sardines or tuna, preferably no salt added, in spring water (e.g. Brunswick brand)